Gun Storage and Preservation

Gun Storage and Preservation

According to the law, anyone who gets a license for the weapon must ensure appropriate conditions for its safekeeping. For these purposes, are commonly used specialized gun safes and cabinets. About them and we are going to talk bellow.

The prerequisite of the gun ownership is to ensure the safe storage, exclusive access to it extraneous. Moreover, for individuals the formulation of safety requirements is rather blurred: all citizens should keep their owned weapons and ammunition residence in lockable metal cabinets or safes, boxes of high-strength materials or in wooden boxes, covered with iron under the conditions to ensure the safety of weapons and cartridges, storage and security of their exclusion from access by unauthorized persons.

For legal entities there are stricter requirements, and it is certain: "The weapons must be stored in the vaults of legal entities, closets, pyramids and boxes installed in specially equipped rooms, in a discharged condition with a flat hammer, put the safety on, clean and lubricated separately from ammunition. Metal cabinets and drawers for storage of weapons should be closed on the lock and have a minimum thickness of 2 mm for the storage of ammunition - not less than 3 mm."

These requirements dictate the design of the majority of gun safes and cabinets - the thickness of the side walls are usually 2 - 3 mm, door locked with two key locks, and the internal space is equipped with a lockable compartment for ammunition. This design allows meeting all requirements, even for legal entities.

Gun safes differ from cabinets with higher safety performance, quality performance, consumer properties and as a consequence, the price. Gun Cabinets - a budget option weapons storage, which is suitable for individuals.

Most gun safes and cabinets are equipped with two key locks lever type. Lockers may also be locked and combination locks - electronic, at least - mechanical. Their locking system may be strengthened with multilateral transom mechanism thanks to it the door is securely closed with a help of retractable steel bolts - crossbars.

The reliability of the lock does not depend on its type - key locks are not inferior in their Burglar quality to the code electronically. Differences in the types of locks are in their functionality and operation. We would say, key locks advantage is their low cost, efficiency of access to content, and a lack is the need for key storage.

The advantages of electronic code lock is an opportunity of programming the codes, multi functionality, no need for key storage and weaknesses - replacement batteries, more demanding operating conditions. Code mechanical locks, though does not require batteries to operate, but provides the longest access to content - specific to the storage object, it is a strong shortage, that is why very rarely gun safes are equipped with such locks.

Internal structure of safes and cabinets for weapons may be equipped with removable shelves, partitions and cradles - special stand and holders under the gun. Often the inner side of the door is equipped with rakes, hooks, pockets and frames - this original design maximizes the use of space.

We should also mention in this review about the installation of safes and cabinets. Large gun safes height combined with a small footprint cause their instability. To have the storage not overturned, it must be anchored to the floor or wall anchor bolts. Taking into attention the requirements of the precinct, the mounting of the safes is often a prerequisite for obtaining a permit. Moreover, it is not empty nitpicking - an unattached safe, may be taken out of the apartment and its contents - "burglar" usually do so.

Buying a gun safe, remember - the requirements of the Law for the safe storage of weapons are required, and rightly justified. Statistics is saturated with the accidents due to careless handling of weapons. Negligent storage of weapons may entail not only the deprivation of the license, but also a criminal. Treat the problem of safe storage of weapons seriously; take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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