How to choose a gun safe?

How to choose a gun safe?

How to choose a gun safe?

Modern gun safes are a specific kind. Their main purpose - to hide a dangerous thing away from strangers to avoid accidents. By law, every gun owner should have a closet for weapons or a gun safe to which there are no strict requirements. Another thing is to keep guns for juridical person. They must keep the weapon only in a special safe.

Unlike other types the gun safes have no resistance against burglary and fire. Inside it is equipped a fastening or a stand for the gun, it may be a separate box for ammunition or documents. Gun safes may be of different shapes and sizes and designed for storage of several weapons. They can be arranged for all to see or hidden in the closet, and build into the floor or wall.

Exterior finish is quite varied. Cheaper models are made only of steel and the more expensive ones may have a luxurious finish of wood or glass. You may meet an exclusive models, inlaid with precious stones.

What to Follow Choosing the Gun Safe:

  • The number of weapons that you intend to store in the safe, and its height. There is no need to purchase an overall safe for up to 10 guns, if you are going to keep their 2 carbine.
  • The type of weapons: rifles or shotguns. For shotguns it fits any safe which is in the "gun" unit if it corresponds in size. For the rifled weapons it must be selected a safe with a wall thickness of 3 mm, to avoid problems with another test of law enforcement. These safes are always equipped with a special cartridge compartment, which is locked on an extra key. Safes for long guns are not suitable for short-and safes for firearms are not suitable for knives.
  • Do you need shelves for storage of hunting ammunition. Safes for long guns are not suitable for short-and safes for firearms are not suitable for knives.
  • What type of lock you prefer. Some models have one or two simple key locks. These safes are relatively inexpensive, they are in a great demand among consumers. The models with increased resistance to cracking are equipped with high-quality locks from American or German manufacturers: key, mechanical or electronic combination.

The easiest option locking safe is a key lock. Such variations are much cheaper. But the owners of such safes always have one question: where to put the key, so it was constantly available, but at the same time safely hidden from outsiders.

Mechanical combination lock will cost you more than the key. However, it is devoid of the above disadvantages. To open such a lock you need some time, about 30-40 seconds. Some consumers are not very happy about it.

Electronic combination lock provide you a fast and convenient opening, there is no need to keep the key. Their main drawback is the high cost. But ease of use fully justifies the invested money.

Verify whether the selected model has a fire resistance. This property will not be superfluous. All the models have primary flame retardant, but to withstand higher temperatures are not able all the models.

Verify whether the selected model is crush proof. So you can be sure that nobody can use your weapon. Almost always the gun safes are fire resistant, or crush proof. To combine these two qualities you may only by individual order.

A modern robber is not a master safecracker, who tries to open the safe by adjusting the master keys to the lock. He is a cracker. It is easier and faster to cut or break mechanical safe. So do not relive the robber his job and choose for a pistol safe or cabinet with fewer welds. And it is better if they are not visible.

Get to know how to install and to mount a chosen model. It must be securely attached to the wall or floor so that thief could not carry the safe.

A quality model should have the minimum number of welds. Professional burglar will not attempt to open the lock, it will look for places where the sheets were welded metal.

Unprotected loop is a simple method to get inside the safe. They should be located on the inner side, otherwise they may be cut down and get into the safe.

The shell thickness should be not less than 3 mm. There are manufacturers who produce an equipment with thick doors, but slim bodies. Hackers know these details and will try to infiltrate the side or top side. Better to avoid this danger.

To make the right choice is not easy, so it makes sense to consult with specialists. Saying what weapon you want to keep, get an advice on metal cabinet or safe, which will meet all your requirements and customer's opportunities.

It will be difficult to get outside of products from various manufacturers, saturate the market with their products, because it is not only the appearance but also the appointment, spaciousness, reliability, weight, overlooking the lock and other items that are well known for the specialists.

Our online shop offers a huge selection of products, among which you are sure to find the perfect option for you, you will also get answers to any of your question from our experts. Welcome!

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