How to install a hidden gun safe

How to install a hidden gun safe

How to install a hidden gun safe

Proper installation of a hidden gun safe is the basis of its reliable service. The simplest solution to install a hidden gun safe is to turn to the experts, but in a case if for reasons of secrecy you will decide to do it yourself, we want to give you several advices.

First, mounting of a hidden gun safe should start by checking the operability of the lock, how to do it, you can see in the instructions, which shall be attached to the safe without fail. Next, make sure that the place for safe installation is correct.

Here are some recommendations for installing a hidden gun safe, which are better perceived on the level of rules:

1. We advise to establish a safe in a hidden from prying eyes place, preferably so that lack of space has become an obstacle to the use of large tools for hacking (crowbar, pick, sledge hammer, etc.), but also so that you can easily have access to the safe management mechanisms.

2. If you have decided to incorporate a safe in the wall, the wall must be selected at least 10 centimeters deeper than the safe, avoiding the walls with traces of moisture, which may affect the efficiency of the lock.

3. We suggest you to make a hole in the wall on the 10/15 inches wider and taller than the front side of the safe, as well as a 5/6 centimeters deeper than the safe.

4. To moisten the inner surface of the wall opening.

5. To close using nylon (cellophane) the front side of the safe to avoid damaging of the management mechanisms located on the door.

6. To improve the safe engagement, we recommend wrapping it in welded metal chain with the cell, placing it at a distance of 30 mm from the body from the four sides. Alternatively, you may use metal rods, 10 mm in diameter, setting them on protruding metal edges on the back of the safe.

If the attacker has an opportunity to reach the back of the safe, destroying the back of the wall, it is recommended to install on the back of the net opening reinforcing rods with a diameter of 6 mm and 5 cm cell

7. To set a safe on building level (safe door to be opened from left to right, hinges on the right side).Safe to be immured in the opening 2 centimeters deeper outer edge of the wall.

8. With help of the piece of wood to adjust the level of the safe, leaving the space to fill the cavity with a matrix.

9. To immure the safe, using a matrix of high strength, made of cement type CEM II / ALL 42,5 R (UNI EN 197-1) and sand. The matrix should not be too thin. Carefully fill the cavity from all the sides. We do not recommend using the quick set cement.

10. After full drying of matrix and finishing work, remove the protective film, open the door and leave open for at least 5 days prior to the complete disappearance of traces of moisture.

11. During the construction and finishing works to prevent ingress of water, matrix or paint into the keyhole slot on the perimeter doors and control mechanisms.

We hope that these tips will help you with the installation of the hidden gun safes, and our specialists will best help you to choose the safe you need. Our online shop is a leader in sales of safes of all the classes’ protection and appointments. The safes we sell have high degree of reliability.

Installation of the hidden gun safe in the country house

Private houses made of logs are very popular. They look brutal, but very beautiful. An attractive country house should have security as well. High fence will certainly deter petty thieves, but it is better to deliver reliable door and window shutters to protect. Everyone has things that need special storage. These are money, documents, jewelry, guns, etc.

To maintain peace for the values safety, you need to prepare for them a sturdy, secluded, inaccessible and well protected from intruders and unauthorized persons place. Anything safer than safe is not yet invented. Gun safe installation in a wooden house it is better to plan during the project selection. To solve this problem, you may find interesting information yourself or use an opportunity to order the individual project. The size of safes may be any, depending on the choice of weapons.

The hidden gun safes placed in private homes are of such a mass that will not affect the calculation of overlap readings. You should obligatory to take into account the material in a wooden house, it must be fireproof. The installation procedure of the hidden gun safe in a wooden house is very specific. As the wall thickness does not allow to build the safe safely in it. In this case it is better to use the option to mount spacers to multiple surfaces.

To establish a safe, you need to select the hidden and inconspicuous corner of the house and with anchor bolts to attach it to the floor and two walls. On the other side wall the anchor bolts are mounted on the metal plate. This will provide a stable secure and increase the security of weapons storage. The design of the house may afford a safe mounted in the floor disguising its upper part under the floor covering.

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