Project Cars 3 Review – Into The Horizon


Project Cars 3 Review – Into The Horizon

Project Cars 3 and its transition to more arcadey racing can often be exhilarating, but it occasionally struggles to bring it all together.

Project Cars 3 Review | Do Names Mean Nothing?

The Project Cars series is one of my favorite racing series on consoles. The first two games made me fall in love with the project and I became an immediate supporter. But the third entry really disappointed me and In this video I explain why.


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0:00 Intro
2:16 Opinion Disclaimer
3:05 Chapter One It’s Not All Bad
10:31 Chapter Two Who Is This For?
12:50 Chapter Three The Removal Of Racing DNA
18:30 Final Thoughts

Project Cars 3 Review in 2022 – Was it really that bad?!

A bit over a year after being released, Is Project Cars 3 any better in 2022?!
Share your thoughts with me about this game!

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Introduction: (0:00​)
Story & Gameplay: (1:22)
Multiplayer: (5:09​)
Graphics & Visuals: (5:34​)
Music & Audio: (8:04​)
Conclusion: (09:54​)

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Project Cars 3: Is It Really That Bad?

Project Cars 3 review.

I’ve tried to be objective and review the game as a game, rather than a Project Cars game. Although, I do completely understand any frustration based on the change of direction for the series.

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Project Cars 3 Review

Reviewed by Luke Reilly on PC. Also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“Impossible to recommend to fans of Project CARS 2, Project CARS 3 is a total 180 for the series. It’s easy to pick up and play and the racing here is robust enough for some casual thrills and spills, but ultimately it cribs from so many other racing games that racing gamers probably already own that it’s simply inessential.”