Fire Emblem Fates Petting Mechanic Removed for Western Release


Fire Emblem Fates Petting Mechanic Removed for Western Release

Despite removal, Nintendo says the Japanese version was not inappropriate.

Mekkah’s Thoughts on Fire Emblem Revelation

I played Fire Emblem Revelation and it was not good. But it’s pretty hard to explain why exactly, and if it’s bad then why do so many people like it?

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Dear Fire Emblem community, please listen to my thoughts on Fates removing skinship/facerubbing

Regardless of what side you’re all on, there is only logical thing to do.
Ghast shares his thoughts on the news that Fire Emblem Fates allegedly removed the Skinship/facerubbing feature for Western audiences. Please share this with those who are concerned.

Fire Emblem Fates Skinship Scenes May Not Be Censored After All – Uncensored News

Nintendo are denying Kotaku’s reports of the petting mini game (Skinship) being removed from the English versions of Fire Emblem Fates, whilst also not confirming that the scenes are still present.

On the other hand a screenshot is circulating the net that shows an exclamation point over the tree house where the activity takes place, which, in the Japanese release, indicates the feature’s presence.
This censorship is confirmed to be true.
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Why Fire Emblem Fates was Censored

In this video, I’ll tackle the development history behind many aspects Fire Emblem Fates is widely known for, such as the multiple routes, who were involved, its music, new gameplay features, the plot and even how it was changed outside Japan. While, yes, I’ll cover the localization changes, there’s lots of interesting stuff, at least to me, that revolves around… not skinship or treehouse changes.
This video contains obvious spoilers for Fire Emblem: Fates: Conquest, Birthright and Revelation

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