King of the Road Cheats For PC


King of the Road Cheats For PC

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Downloading and installing king of the road game.

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Mad Max – Unlimited Scrap Glitch LOCATION (Exploit) “Infinte SCRAP Farm” PC/PS4/XBOX One

Mad Max – How to get Unlimited Scrap Collecting Glitch/Location/Secret/Farm (Exploit) PC/PS4/XBOX One

Get Mad Max:

Get Mad Max:


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King of the Road game ending

How To Use Cheat Engine

This is only for single-player games to make it easier for you to play games that you’d otherwise would have to give up on. Beginner tutorial for getting infinite Health/HP, Ammo and Gold/Money. Download Cheat Engine this way:

Game in video is Artificial Extinction – It’s really cool but some missions were too hard to keep playing otherwise.